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I am Sharon Alderman, handweaver, artist, teacher, writer and author. I have been weaving very nearly every day since autumn 1969. I have honed my skills with each new warp on my loom. My scientific education has helped me develop analytical skills, and my artistic bent complements them nicely. My work has been shown in competitions and invitational exhibitions all over North America. In 1993, I was represented in the National Museum of Women's Art in Washington, D.C. In 2006, I was named one of "Utah's 100 Most Honored Artists". My work is in private, corporate, city, county, state and federal collections. For over 40 years, I have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. To view my current work, please visit my blog.

I do a lot of things related to weaving. I have written and published three books; Handwoven, Tailormade, A Handweaver's Notebook, and Mastering Weave Structures and over 130 magazine articles on weaving and design topics. I have given keynote addresses, as well as lectures to smaller groups. I regularly present workshops in the USA, Canada and the UK. I judge weaving exhibitions. I weave custom-designed upholstery fabrics, art fabrics, reproduction fabrics (grill cloth for antique juke boxes, among other things) and have woven prototypes for engineers. The The Phillips Gallery represents me for the framed art pieces.

I weave beautiful cloth that functions as it is asked to do. I have been teaching since 1976. Weavers have come from Australia, the UK and Israel to study with me in my studio. I work hard and carefully to make the best cloth I can. Weaving and working with color are my passion, as is teaching and sharing my weaving experience with as many people as possible. Each time I teach I find ways to present the complexities of weaving in a way that is easier to grasp.

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