Workshops in My Studio

Four for Four Workshops

I am offering special workshops in my studio. Enrollment is limited to four participants who study here for four days, from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. The workshops begin on Friday morning and conclude Monday afternoon, although other days are possible.

The general topic for these workshops is using color and weave structure so that the color enhances the structure and the structure shows off the color. All of my fabric samples are here so I am not limited by what I can carry with me as I am in other workshops.

While we are together, each participant may spend several hours using my AVL CompuDobby loom. The loom is ready to use before the class begins so each student has the opportunity, using software, to create patterns and then weave them. Weaving is not required but is encouraged.

Tuition for these workshops is $500 per student, a deposit of $200 is required when booking is made with the balance due the first day of class. Lunches are provided.

When I have received the deposit, I send information about Salt Lake City and lodging possibilities to you.

Special study, one-on-one, can also be arranged. The tuition is the same but the workshop runs for two days.