Books& Other Useful Things

Autographed Books

If you would like to purchase a hardbound, autographed copy of Mastering Weave Structures, I would be happy to supply one.  The price of the book is $39.95.  Priority mail within the USA is $10.95 for a total of $50.90.  For media mail, shipping is $4.25, which includes shipping and handling. Please contact me for a copy. I am paypal verified.

Useful Links

Here are a few links you might find useful and/or interesting:

This web site is full of extraordinary custom-made furniture.  Beautiful stuff!

The web site for the Phillips Gallery which has represented me since the late 70s.

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This is the web site for Webs.  They have knitting and weaving (and spinning) materials and tools.  They have all kinds of wonderful weaving yarns, and I am particularly delighted with their linen.