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Autographed Books

If you would like to purchase a hardbound, autographed copy of Mastering Weave Structures, I would be happy to supply one.  The price of the book is $39.95.  Priority mail within the USA is $10.95 for a total of $50.90.  For media mail, shipping is $4.25, which includes shipping and handling. Please contact me for a copy. I am paypal verified.

Useful Links

Here are a few links you might find useful and/or interesting:

This web site is full of extraordinary custom-made furniture.  Beautiful stuff!

The web site for the Phillips Gallery which has represented me since the late 70s.

This is the web site for Webs.  They have knitting and weaving (and spinning) materials and tools.  They have all kinds of wonderful weaving yarns, and I am particularly delighted with their linen.